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Power Lunch Series will Resume AFTER the
3 Day LIVE Advance Training For Landlords.

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Wednesday, Jan 25th


You Can Expect Experts

  • Attorney Harry Borders,

  • Mike Grinnan CPA,

  • Shirley (Mike's Office Manager),

  • Rehabbing, Office Procedures and more.

Message from Mike Butler:

"Everyday it seems you are pushed to the limit trying to cram in everything you want to get done in one day.(It happens to me too) Webinars for 90 minutes on weeknights are brutal, hard to stay focused, and eat in to your personal time with your family.

The POWER Lunch Series is just for you. After many surveys, questionnaires, feedback and more, the Micro-Webinar of 10-15 minute mini-sessions allows you to keep a laser focus and complete attention on each session's topic.

This has been tested and it works.

I went one more for you. No Longer will you have to "Register for each Mini-Webinar."

Register one time gives you access to every session, with a friendly email reminder.

Now you have absolutely no excuse to stay on top of your game, sharpen your investor skills, and spend more time on your passions in life.... Isn't this why you wanted to invest to begin with?   to have more quality time to do the things you want?

This is a no-brainer opportunity to help you achieve your financial freedom faster. I look forward to joining you for our next Power Lunch."

Mike Butler

Here's Some Of The Topics You Will Cover

Short Sale Wholesales - Are they now a Crime?

Seller Financed,  Private Lenders, IRA lending - Now a Federal Crime

Office Procedures - everything from filing cabinets to phone systems

Landlording and Property Management

How to Get A Rental Unit Ready To Rent

How to Market Your Rental Unit

How to Screen Tenants Properly

Schooling and Training Your Tenants

Maintenance / Repair Request and Tenant Chargeable Repairs

Collections from A to Z

Move In Procedures and Move Out Procedures

Perhaps a week long series on Increasing Cash Flow and Getting More Than 100% of Your Rents

Power Phrases to head off an eviction

New Killer Forms to Save Money, Make Money while giving you more free time for you and your family.

How to Hide Your Asset in 2 minutes

Investor Rescue Tips, Strategies and Updates

How to put your business on autopilot

How To Handle Bad Checks

Investor Books Pro micro-sessions  using QuickBooks Pro

Insurance Do's and Don'ts

Entity Structuring

Expert Real Estate Attorney Harry Borders will be provide updates on new laws affecting investors.

Mike Grinnan CPA will update you on all of the new and old tax laws for investors.

Implementing Real Estate Business 3.0

Phone scripts for buyers, sellers, tenants.

Online Rental Applications and FEEs Automated for 24 hr Online Access! POOF! It's almost magical!

How to Get Rid of Your Cell Phone and Make More Money!

Are You Operating Your Business In the 70's using 8 Track Tapes and an Etch-A-Sketch computer?
Discover How Easy, Simple and Mostly FREE, You Can Catapult and Jump Your Biz to 2011 Now!

Rehab Tips

Property Management Proven Insider Secrets

Tax Free Profit Deals

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Power Lunch Series LIVE Training

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